Piero Manzoni and his "Artist's Sh!t"

In this episode of The Transgressives I profile the pioneering Italian artist, Piero Manzoni and his little cans of shit. To get the lowdown on Manzoni and his work I talked to four fascinating art experts, professors Tony Godfrey, Flaminio Gualdoni and Simon Anderson. And Rosalia Pasqualino di Marineo the Director of the Piero Manzoni Foundation in Milan Italy. We've posted their bios below. If you like this video and want to learn more about Piero Manzoni's art, I highly suggest visiting the Fondazione Manzoni's website pieromanzoni.org, and checking out the great feature length film by director Andrea Bettinetti, "Piero Manzoni- Artista". We'll be putting up more Manzoni tidbits on the website so check back often.

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Episode Experts

Rosalia Pasqualino di Marineo

Rosalia has been the director of the Piero Manzoni Foundation in Milan Italy since 2008. She has curated exhibitions at the Gagosian Gallery in London and the Palazzo Reale in Milan, and has been a consultant on film projects and more than 20 books and catalogues about Piero Manzoni. In 2014 she organized an international conference on the artist and has lectured extensively on his life and work.

She is currently working on "THE Catalogue" a new online catalogue of Manzoni's work, and two upcoming Manzoni exhibitions at Hauser & Wirth in New York and Los Angeles coming in 2019.


Flaminio Gualdoni

Flaminio is an art, professor, critic, historian, museum director, writer and curator. He has been a Professor of Art History at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan since 1980 and was the commissioner of the 44th Venice Biennale in 1990. He helped to create the Atlas of Italian Art, for the web, and was one of the founders of the (epidemiC) group. He wrote "Piero Manzoni, Life of an Artist", to be released in english this August, as well as "A Brief History of the Artist's Shit". His other books include "General History of the Nude", "Art: From Futurism to Pop Art, From Conceptual to Hyperrealism" "History of European Art", "Body Of Image, Images of the Body. Tableaux Vivants From St Francis to Bill Viola", "Antonio Scaccabarozzi, I Am Painter", "Claudio Costa. In the Materials of the Human", and basically there's just a ton more. You can check them all out at flaminiogualdoni.com

Tony Godfrey

Tony is an art historian, professor, writer and curator. He was Director of the MA in Contemporary Art at Sotheby's Institute in London, a professor of Fin Art at the University of Plymouth, and a Visiting Research Fellow at the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art in Singapore. He wrote widely regarded "Conceptual Art" in 1998, which has been translated into five languages and is still in print today. His other books include "New Image In Painting", "Drawing Today", "Painting Today" and he co-authored "Contemporary Photography in Asia".


Simon Anderson

Simon is a cultural historian, art professor, critic writer, performer and lecturer. He received his PhD from Royal College of Art in London, and has been at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago since 1993, where he is a Professor of Art History, Theory and Criticism. He is a private consultant and a public speaker and has extensively lectured and written on Anti-Art, Fluxus, Mail Art, Expanded Poetry, the Situationist International and Conceptual Photography.

This is only the beginning, more to come! See the teaser below.

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